The Shawshank Redemption | 10th Anniversary Memorial Box | Limited Edition

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Warner Bros

» 2 Discs
» Keepcase
» 3 Postcards
» Different Seasons book (in Japanese)
» Leather Book Cover
» Shawshank Redemption book (96 pages)
» Documentary Book
» Tin Box (replicated from the film)
» Cardboard Slipcase Box

10 000 copies

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 Disc 1

» The Shawshank Redemption (movie)
» Audio Commentary by director Frank Darabont
» Theatrical Trailer


1.85:1 Anamorphic

English DD 5.1
» Japanese DD 2.0 surround

English, Japanese

 Disc 2

» Hope Springs Eternal: A Look Back At The Shawshank Redemption (30m 58s)
» Shawshank: The Redeeming Feature (48m 13s)
» The Charlie Rose Show with Frank Darabont, Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman (48m 13s)
» The Sharktank Redemption (24m 43s)
» Still Galleries
» - Tim Robbins (01m 04s)
» - Morgan Freeman (48s)
» - Supporting Cast (02m)
» - Tim & Morgan (32s)
» - Behind-The-Scenes (02m 59s)
» Storyboards
» - New Fish Arrive (03m 59s)
» - Bogs Takes a Fall (04m 30s)
» The Art of The Shawshank Redemption (Sideshow Collectibles Promo) (01m 04s)


Japanese (optional)

 Movie Details

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Original Title: The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Directed by: Frank Darabont

Short info
Original Title: The Sharktank Redemption (2000)
Directed by: Natalie Van Doren

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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

This set comes packaged in a limited tin box replicated from a tin box seen in the film, which I think is a very gutsy decision, as they havn't really made any alterations to the original design.

Covering the tin box is a brown cardboard slipcase box with simple and classic design.

Inside the tin box is a black plastic mold to hodl everything in place. This mold is very thin and might get damaged in shipping but it was never meant to be luxurious so the quality isn't really that big of an issue.

As far as the other bonus stuff goes, there's a japanese translation of the Stephen King book Different Seasons, a leather book binder and a set of 3 postcards. Also in the box is a copy of Mark Kermodes BFI Modern Classics book about the film and also a japanese booklet.

All in all an extremely good idea for a case and a well carried out design choice for the entire set.

Disc contents / Extras

The dvd included with this set is identical to the standard 2 disc version released in Japan, and it's also pretty much identical to the R1 special edition as well.

There's a gret audio commentary by director Frank Darabont, followed by a number of good documentaries.

As usual, all the menus are in japanese so navigating can be a bit tricky.

All in all, this is definetly a great update for this classic film and I think it's one of those editions that everyone should own.

A true fan might also considder the R2UK 3 disc release as this has some extras not found on the japanese release (however, The Sharktank Redemption parody is not present on the R2UK version so one would have to get both to be totally covered).


Disc specs are identical to the R1 2 disc special edition (only minor subtitling and language differences).

 Visitors Comments

Posted 2011-11-28 (06:28)

Jan. The movie is in English with either japanese or english subtitles... but it also come with a japanese dubbed audio track (as is common on a lot of japanese releases). So you can choose which ever version you want. Please see detailed audio and subtitle specs to the left.

Jan | Location: Seattle Posted 2011-11-22 (22:49)

Hi, Thanks for the great info. I just want to be the movie in Japanese with english subtitles? English with Japanese subtitles or what? My 16 yr old is crazy about theis movie and I wanted to either get him this set or the 3 disc set. Any recommendations?Thanks very much!

Posted 2011-03-08 (00:15)

Thanks Sammy. Just wish I had time to work on this full time :)

Samantha | Location: Brazil Posted 2011-02-18 (20:36)

Hey, Oskar!!
I really enjoy your website because is the best place to check info about awesome editions just like this one pictured at this post.. :)
Thank you very much for bring up so much cool and interesting stuff about it!

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